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Cody’s first love was music. Inspired to immerse himself in the sounds and textures of a melody or groove, he studied music in college with a special interest in music theory and stage performance. 

Cody then became a professional drummer for over two decades, traveling all over the country bringing rhythm and joy to audiences. When COVID shut down the touring industry, Cody began to paint canvases with the colors and rhythms that he heard in music. 

Cody’s art has been a source of personal healing and expression. He has created hundreds of pieces that liven commercial and residential spaces all over the country. 

From Cody

I hope that my art brings magic and movement to your space. I hope that when you see it you feel perfect, complete, and inspired. Like music, our individual responses to art connect and define us. It would be an honor to create for you or someone you love. 

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